WD Ranch


Peace and quiet. In today’s world, it’s hard to find one, let alone both. At the WD, these are two things that we have in abundance.

The WD Ranch is an authentic cattle ranch in a part of Montana that hasn’t changed much in fifty-some-odd years. We aren’t a dude ranch, and we don’t really offer a working ranch package. But what we do offer is comfortable private cabin accommodations on acres of classic ranchland, fly fishing, hiking, wildlife viewing, and yes, a whole lot of peace and quiet—for couples, friends, families, groups, retreats, and wedding parties.

We’re a little more than an hour from Bozeman, but you’ll feel like you’re miles from anything except the snow-capped Crazy Mountains and a small, friendly community of the kind that’s hard to find these days. Our family has fished here, hiked here, worked here, and loved this place for generations. If you appreciate Montana as it used to be, you’ll like spending time at the WD.

Your hosts,

Paul and Elli Hawks